Tattooing is a permanent form of art
where a needle and tattoo machine is used to push ink under your skin.
You will experience some pain and discomfort dependant on the area you are getting tattooed …

  1. You must be at least 18 of age for getting tattooed by me.
  2.  The client obliged to clear the tattoo artist about serious illnesses, allergies or medication (e.g. HIV, Hepatitis, Epilepsy, etc.) in the first conversation! Only then is it decided whether it is at all possible to tattoo you.
  3. I reserve the rights to refuse clients unfounded.
  4. I do NOT tattoo: 
    – Drunks
    – If you on drugs,
    – Junkies,
    – Children | Minors
    – Animals
    – While Pregnancy &
    – During Breastfeeding
    – Taking anticoagulant drugs
    – Racist Remarks or Hate Symbols
    Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to Tattooing.
    Also avoid stimulation drinks such as red bull etc.
  5.  Your tattoo design | ideas are very welcome &
    I always have something to choose from | view of my own flashes are available.
    Please do not book a tattoo and have no idea what you want.
  6. Before getting tattooed by signing our consent form you have legally signed to say you don’t have any problems regarding your health, accepting and following the tattoo care instructions, terms & conditions.
  7. The prices & costs of a tattoo depending always on motive,size & placement.
    NOT about hours ~ I do not rush tattoos so give yourself time and do not rush the artist.
  8. Each client receives a free touch up after four weeks of their tattoo.
    We do not take responsibility for any damage to the tattoo while healing or otherwise.
  9. Deposits of 50€ are required to book an appointment which comes off of the final price each after a sitting (to ensure the artist time and labour while designing your tattoo is covered).
  10. Deposits are non-refundable when the appointment was NOT cancelled 24h before the date.
    Not showing up or cancelling with less than 24h to your appointment will result in losing your deposit.
    If you arrive (for your appointment) under the influence of alcohol or drugs I will ask you to leave and  you will lose your deposit | voucher.
  11. Payment: Cash only ~  No  partial payments.
  12. Tattoos are made with all disposable needs and grips under hygienic regulations & health inspection guidelines.
    Using sterile, single-use, and disposable needles, tattoo tubes & tattoo quipments.
  13. It is your responsibility to care for your new tattoo and follow the artist advice. We wise you up and hand over tattoo care instructions. You also can get in touch, while having any questions or concerns. It is rarely possible that tattoo pigments can cause allergies.
  14. Healing of the tattoo is the client’s responsibility. Each artist has their healing method and will advise clients on how to take care of their tattoo during and after healing. I assume NO responsibility and NO liability for you healingprocess or how you take care of yourself or treatment.
  15. Under German Penal Code  §§223,223 a StGB – The German law counts tattooing & body modification as ‘bodily harm’ .
    While getting tattooed, you explicitly agree under German Panal Law  § 228 a StGB.
  16. The Customer representative agrees the GCTs and n case of complications or damages the customers
  17. expressly waives its property rights against us.
  18.  Tattoos might look different from the design, especially on a Cover-up.