• Creative Designs Require Work, I Don´t Shit Them Out... You Deserve To Get Some Great & Customized Art, Don´t You?
  • If You Don´t Take Care Of Your Body & Tattoo - YOU Screwed Up, NOT Me
  • I Am NOT Responsible For Your Stupidity
  • No, I Can NOT Cover Your Bad Tattoos With A Tiny Infinite Symbol - I´m Not Photoshop
  • A Good Tattoo Is NOT Cheap - I Know The WORTH Of My Work!
    Sorry, But If You Can´t Afford It, You Maybe Should Stop Spending Money For Bullshit .
    Go Ask My Landlord Or My Insurance Company If They´ll Give Me A Discount - If YES, I´ll Happily Give You The „Hook Up"
  • YES, Tattoos Hurt
    Apparently, A Needle Under High Voltage Pushing In To The Skin Could Be A Bit (Or More) Painful
  • If You Wanna Have A Great Tattoo – Sit Down, Stay Still, Shut Up!!!
    Stop Moving While Doing Selfies Or Texting
  • You Chose Me, Because I´m Experienced & I KNOW What I´m Doing - So Please Listen When I Give You Advice
  • Unless You´re An Experienced Tattoo Artist, Don´t Tell Me How To Do My Job
  • If You Are:
    Pregnant, Drunk, Stoned, Smelly, Ignorant Or aA Pain In The Arse - Come Back When You Are NOT
Ivan Herrera Custom Tattoo Design Berlin